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  • ADHD and web accessibility

    ADHD is diagnosed in both children and adults. What are the challenges people with ADHD face digitally and what can you do to accommodate them?

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  • The Troublesome Life and Lamentable Death of Success Criterion 4.1.1

    The January 2023 Candidate Recommendation draft of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 has marked success criterion 4.1.1 as obsolete and removed it from the specification. Where did this requirement come from, why was its intent often misunderstood and why was it removed? This article describes the success criterion's troublesome history.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Mandatory Accessibility of Government Apps

    Beginning today, all apps by public authorities are required have an accessibility statement. This statement describes to what extent the app is accessible to people with disabilities. This article explains what app accessibility entails. You will also learn how your organisation's app can soon comply.

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  • An update on the European Accessibility Act

    The European Accessibility Act is a new directive aimed at improving the accessibility of digital products and services in the private sector throughout the European Union.

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