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More than half of Belgian government websites have no accessibility statement

Written by Roel Van Gils on 5 April 2024 (Average reading time: 2 minutes)

In March 2024, Eleven Ways conducted its first ever study to check the presence of mandatory accessibility statements on Belgian government websites. Read the results here.


This study was carried out independently and on our own initiative. It was conducted using an internally developed application and artificial intelligence. The results retrieved through AI were subjected to sample checking and minimal manual correction, resulting in a margin of error on the figures obtained of less than 3%.

A total of 1,697 websites were checked, including federal, municipal and regional websites.


Our study shows that 53.4% of websites tested today do not have an accessibility statement. Such a statement should explain in detail and clearly the extent to which the website meets the preset standards.

Having an accessibility statement is required by law for all government websites.

Accessibility Status.

  • Of the websites tested with an accessibility statement, 2.3% indicate full compliance with accessibility guidelines, while 39.1% partially comply.
  • 11.4% indicate non-compliance.
  • Interestingly, 54% of the websites make no statement on accessibility statues.

By Policy Domain

Complies completely Complies partially Does not comply Unknown.
Federal 1.9% 43.3% 5.2% 49.6%
Municipal 2.6% 47.2% 4.8% 45.4%
Flemish Region 0% 17.3% 82.7% .
Brussels-Capital Region 5% 23.3% 1.7% 70%
German-speaking Community 0% 100% .
Walloon Region / French-speaking Community 4.9% 28.8% 8% 58.3%

Other figures

The study further revealed that 41.6% of websites have a statement that was updated more than two years ago. In addition, 18.3% of websites do not mention dates.

It further shows that only 64% of websites mention where citizens with disabilities can go with questions or complaints. This too is a violation of what the legislature requires.


Our study on accessibility statements on Belgian government websites shows that more than half of these websites do not have a valid, mandatory accessibility statement. In a future study, we will try to identify the root cause of this.

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