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User tests

Is your organization's website or app accessible to all users? Gain insight into what users with disabilities think of your product by participating in a test session with individuals with disabilities.

An accessibility audit conducted by an expert is a good starting point. But there's nothing better than involving the people concerned.

Together, we develop usage scenarios and set up a test panel. We organize the research and then present the results during an interactive workshop.

Inclusive user testing

What are the advantages ?

The user test is complementary to an expert audit. It is a wonderful tool for raising awareness and understanding the real impact of an obstacle on the user experience with a disability.

It also helps prioritize correction efforts on the key scenarios of a site.

When to plan?

During the development process of any digital product, user research can be applied at three points: before, during and after. In order to collect as much useful information as possible and to anticipate problematic situations, we recommend carrying out a survey at each stage.

Our strong points

  • We can perform the tests in English, Dutch, French, and German. Ideal for multilingual institutional sites.
  • Over the years we have built a database of contacts of people with disabilities.
  • Our expertise gives us all the ease necessary to understand the use of assistive tools, the particular digital experience and then identify the causes of the obstacles (in the design, the content or the code).

Get in touch

Our user tests have already improved the De Lijn app, the VDAB website and the City of Ghent website, among others.

Improve the user experience of your website or application and contact us to organize user tests.