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Empathy Lab

Our Digital Accessibility Empathy Lab (DAEL) provides an extraordinary experience for your team. With the help of our coaches, they can take part in engaging workshops and activities to gain a better understanding of how people with disabilities navigate the digital world.

An empathy lab is an interactive event where you learn what digital accessibility means, how people with disabilities surf the internet and what tools they use.

We do this on the basis of configurations and experiments. We also bring simulation tools such as augmented reality headsets to complete the experience.

An inspiring experience of discovering digital accessibility

What can you expect?

  • In your office, we set up a maximum of 11 workshop stands for about 2 hours. As you move from one stand to the next, you will discover, among other things, how a blind person can use a smartphone, how to adapt the screen to compensate for problems with concentration, vision, fine mobility, etc.
  • Experts in digital accessibility guide you through disability simulations and the use of assistance tools
  • Via your smartphone, you can access descriptive sheets of personas representing different disability situations
  • Speakers come and share their experience as a person with a disability
  • In a video corner, we broadcast testimonies of life with a disability
  • Etc

Who should participate?

Participating in an empathy lab is particularly useful for all digital professionals, communication teams and social media managers. Through experiments, activities and workshops, they gain a better understanding of the impact of digital accessibility and the needs of the target audience.

No prior knowledge of digital accessibility is required.

Our strengths

  • We are the only organisers of this type of event in Belgium
  • The event is totally focused on the field of digital accessibility
  • We can organise stands in Dutch, French or English
  • We travel throughout Belgium
  • We pay particular attention to the ethics of the event, avoiding ableist attitudes

They trust us, do you?

We have experience in organising empathy labs for small and large groups. The biggest one so far was with the municipality of Antwerp (120 participants), on the occasion of a quarterly internal event.

Please contact us. We will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer, depending on the number of participants and the options.

How can we help your organisation?

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We must legally comply with WCAG. What is the scope of the project?

We want to train our teams in accessibility. Who should be trained?

We need external expertise. A temporary reinforcement, is it possible?

We want to test our application with users with disabilities. How to organize it?