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How accessible is your company or government organisation's website or application? What steps do you still need to take to comply with the WCAG or European accessibility law?

We evaluate the accessibility of your website or app for individuals with disabilities or limited digital skills through an accessibility audit. Depending on your requirements, we check for violations against the WCAG 2.1, WCAG 2.2, or the European EN 301 549.

In addition to an overview of violations, our reports include easy to understand and practical advice that we custom write for designers, front-end developers, editors, and communications professionals.

For who?

Digital accessibility is not only mandatory for government websites; most websites and apps offering digital services will have to comply with the European Accessibility Act starting in 2025.

Who is working with us?

Our research reports have been the starting point for improvement projects of websites of large and small organizations, including The European Ombudsman, the Dutch Ombudsman, VDAB, UZ Leuven, FOD Economie,,,, and others.

Our audits

Extended audit

Don't have any experience with digital accessibility yet and want to get started quickly with an audit?

  • Each audit is conducted by at least one IAAP Certified Web Accessibility Specialist. The IAAP is the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, an independent trade organization.
  • We test a sample of up to 15 pages or 15 different components.
  • Thanks to an internal process of peer reviewing, we monitor the quality and consistency of all our (follow-up) studies.
  • Our testing methodology is inspired by the WCAG Evaluation Methodology of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • We establish violations based on a combination of manual and semi-automated tests. Our researchers use physical (mobile) devices and have access to the latest versions of assistive tools such as NVDA, Jaws for Windows, VoiceOver and the Android Accessibility Suite. To detect some WCAG violations in your Web site source code, we use Axe Pro and Microsoft Accessibility Insights.
  • We document all identified violations with code snippets (where significant) and/or screen shots that we annotate.
  • We assess the estimated impact of each breach, state which audiences are impacted and who can fix the problem.
  • Finally, we supplement the report with understandable and practical solution advice and links to online resources.
  • We write our reports in English, Dutch, French or German. All our reports may contain English language terms, citations and source references.

Simplified (Conformance) audit (WCAG or EN301549)

If your budget is limited or you want to use the report to support an accessibility statement, you can also contact us for a simplified audit. The report then does not contain solution recommendations.

How to order?

Call us or send an email to for more information.

Official framework contracts

Eleven Ways also offers its services through the framework contracts of FPS BOSA, Smals vzw and Poolstok. As a result, you (as a member public institution) do not have to issue a public tender to order a WCAG audit. This also applies to cities and municipalities.

Why choose us?

  • Our audit process is modeled on the official WCAG-EM methodology. This methodology, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is a recognized framework that helps assess and evaluate Web accessibility according to international standards.
  • Our experts have accumulated years of experience and are certified by the IAAP. Through an internal peer reviewing process, we ensure consistent quality.
  • Our reports are always solution-oriented: they contain many screenshots, code examples and recommendations to help solve the problems found.
  • We offer reports in English, Dutch, French or German.
  • We adapt the report format to your needs: Jira tickets, CSV exports etc. are among the possibilities.
  • We help you prepare an accessibility statement.

How can we help your organisation?

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We must legally comply with WCAG. What is the scope of the project?

We want to train our teams in accessibility. Who should be trained?

We need external expertise. A temporary reinforcement, is it possible?

We want to test our application with users with disabilities. How to organize it?